Lease with a Right to Purchase Program

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Are you close to being able to buy a home but aren’t quite ready? 
Did you just move to the Chicagoland area and aren’t sure where you want to live? 
Do you need to rent right now but really want to buy a home in a couple years? 
Home Partners’ Lease with a Right to Purchase Program may be right for you.


Step 1: Apply and Get Approved. 

You simply provide proof of at least $45,000 annual household income, pass a background and credit screening (No pending bankruptcies, past evictions, or felonies), and have a minimum Transunion score of 550.

Step 2: Find a Home. 

After being qualified, based on your financial profile, the investor will notify you of your "rental/purchase power" by providing you with the maximum monthly rent for which you are qualified. This will determine the value of the home you are able to rent and potentially buy through this Program.

Step 3: Get your home approved, sign a lease and a Right to Purchase Agreement. 

The investor will provide you with a copy of the Lease and the Right to Purchase Agreement, You will be given the rent amount for year one and all years subsequent for which you can renew your lease, as well at the purchase price in year one and all years subsequent in which you can exercise your purchase option. 

Step 4: Investor Buys the Home; You move in. 

We will help the investor purchase the property and provide the investor with your requested home repairs (within certain parameters). You, as the resident will sign a one year lease that is renewable and carries a Right to Purchase the home at any time during your lease. There is no obligation to purchase and no penalty if you do not purchase the home.

Step 5: You Buy the Home (Optional)

The Resident may exercise the Right to Purchase at any time during their residency for the appropriate predetermined price with 60 days' notice. If the resident does not purchase the home at the end of the lease, they would receive their security deposit back (if eligible). 

Get Started Now

Getting pre-qualified for the program is a quick and easy process. If you can answer "yes" to the following investor criteria listed below, you are pre-qualified.


  • Do you have an annual household income of at least $45,000
  • Is your Transunion score over 550 with no more then 1 credit "event"
  • Do you have stable employment?
  • Do you have stable rent history? NO BROKEN LEASES OR EVICTIONS..
  • If you have had a bankruptcy, is it closed or discharged?
  • Have you been self employed for at least 2 years and can prove income? LAST 2 QUARTERS OF A P&L DO NOT WRITE EVERYTHING OFF!!! SHOW ADEQUATE INCOME!!
  • You have no felony charges.


If you think you will qualify for the Lease with option to Purchase (Rent to Own) Program or just want more information, please click "APPLY NOW" below. You'll also be linked to the Investors website to apply.


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